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Marriage at a Dead End and Considering a Divorce?

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— An Uncontested Divorce —
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A Typical Story…

William and Rebecca’s lives were in shambles. What they had hoped for was a soul mate and a lifelong partner. They wanted to believe in “till death do us part.”

What life dealt them were frustrations, unhappiness, incompatibility, and a tumultuous relationship.

The realization that they could no longer live together came slowly and was painful to admit. It was a sign of failure, so they thought.

They both knew that they could not continue living like this. They wrestled with nagging questions of, “How did it come to this?” and “What did we do wrong?” This lead to questions like, “How can I get out of this relationship?” and “What options do I have?”

A Month Later

William and Rebecca are now living a stress-free happy life. How can this be possible, you ask…

They found Robert Peters, a Family Law Attorney in Jacksonville, who recommended a solution that was ideal for them. That solution was an uncontested divorce.

It was not expensive. It was not time consuming. In fact it was quick and easy.

The best part for William and Rebecca; the pain and suffering ended.

This solution may be the answer to bring peace back to your life.

You, Too, Can Benefit From Robert Peters’ Experience And Knowledge. Why Choose Robert Peters?

What Is An Uncontested Divorce?

An uncontested divorce is one where both spouses are in agreement as to how the divorce is going to take place and the manner in which all the issues will be resolved.

Who Qualifies To File For An Uncontested Divorce?

• The marriage must be irretrievably broken (called irreconcilable differences in other jurisdictions); and

• Both spouses must be a resident of Florida for at least six (6) months prior to filing a petition for divorce.

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“I went to attorney Roberts Peters to process my uncontested divorce and found him and his associates to be very professional and responsive. He explained the entire process to me and, at my request, conducted the initial consultation via phone. I never spent any unnecessary gas traveling to his offices. I processed the entire thing via email and mail until the date when the final court hearing rolled around. During a time of such heavy turmoil, it is refreshing to have a responsive and educated staff to help walk you through the process and guide you.”

“Do you have a 10? The Law Offices of Robert Peters are excellent. I have been referring and giving their number to all my friends. They’re courteous, helpful, and personable. I might ask stupid questions, but they listen and answer, assuring me that everything will be taken care of. Everything was just fine. I couldn’t have picked a more professional team.”
Carey D.

“I would recommend this Law Office to anyone who wants a professional job and lots of personal attention. They were more than happy to answer all of my questions and walked me through the legal process with comfort and ease.”
Christy H.


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Uncontested Divorce is Fast and Inexpensive
We do not charge for postage, copies, or paralegal fees for your uncontested case. Our flat fees cover the entire cost for your uncontested divorce, except court costs.
Uncontested divorce does not have to be lengthy, expensive, or confusing.

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Click Here to Read More About Choosing Robert Peters. Trying to decide how to end a marriage is a stressful and painful process. One of the first steps should be to sit down and talk with an experienced Jacksonville attorney. Robert Peters Specializes in Uncontested Divorce • He will use his experience and knowledge to your advantage. • You can trust his advice – he is there to serve you • He will give you positive results • He will guide you through the entire process
Client Satisfaction

Client Satisfaction

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Cost Effective

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Dependable Support

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Complete solutions

Complete solutions

Robert Peters can address all your uncontested divorce concerns including: Alimony Child Support Property Division Military Divorce

Uncontested Divorce Aspects to Consider

Equitable Division

Equitable Division: Marital, Non-Marital, Property, & Retirement

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Child Support

Aspects of responsibility for minor children and family support.

Read more


Questions regarding standard of living, resources, and duration of marriage.

Read more

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